Armor Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank you for the victory today.  We thank you for allowing us to rise and see another day.  This day belongs to you and it is full of trouble.  We bless you for the victory today for we are not defeated, but we are more than conquerors.

This battle before me is not mine, but it is yours.  I put on the belt of truth this morning so that you will help me to stand on your Word.  Lord, you know everything about me.  You know how much I can bear.  Let your truth set me free from my sins.  Let your Holy Spirit guide me and let me know when danger is near.  Protect me from every lie and deception!

I put on the breastplate of righteousness. Through this I guard my heart from every temptation and my emotions. I will not allow my heart to attach itself to anything that is impure. I will not allow my emotions to rule in my decisions. I will set them on what is right and good and just. I will live today by what is true, not by what I feel.

Lord, this morning I put on the shoes of the gospel of peace. I am available to You, Lord. Guide me to those who need encouragement and prayer. Use me to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. Make my presence represent you in every situation and circumstance in which you place me. Allow me to walk in your light and not be consumed by fear and anxious thoughts.

I now take up the shield of faith, Lord that will extinguish every fiery dart and threat the enemy sends my way. I believe your power will protect me as I trust you through faith. With you, I can do all things.  I speak your Word in faith and stand your promises knowing I have the victory.

Lord, by faith I am putting on the helmet of salvation and ask you to cover my mind and my thoughts.  You know how Satan tries to interjects evil thoughts, doubt and fear. With the helmet of salvation, I bring every thought unto the obedience of your Holy Spirit. I will think on those things that are good and pleasing to YOU!

I take up the sword of the Spirit, which is Your Word. Thank You for the precious gift of Your Word. It is strong and powerful —the offensive weapon able to defeat even the Satan’s stronghold. By faith, I take up the strong and powerful sword of the Spirit, which can defend me in time of attack, comfort me in time of sorrow, teach me in time of meditation, and prevail against the power of the enemy on behalf of others who need the truth to set them free.

By Faith, I add the last piece of armor to pray always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit and to be watchful with all perseverance supplication for all the saints. Father, I ask this day for a new and fresh anointing and to be covered in the blood of Jesus.  Yesterday’s anointing can’t work for the  task(s) for this day.


This is the day that you have made and I will rejoice in it! May others see less of me and more of You.  Let me represent you in all I say and do!  I pray that you are completely gloried today and the devil is absolutely horrified!

In Jesus’ name I pray… AMEN.